Customized for your personal benefit this treatment is a "breath of fresh air" experience!

The Clarifying Facial Treatment is the most popular skin care treatment at Terra Organic Spa. It makes sense considering the goal for most clients is clarified clear skin. During treatment revived skin is gently deep cleansed with the assistance of pumpkin enzyme, bentonite clay and rosemary. Skin is not stripped of all oils, just re-balanced with necessary hydration after lactic acid and salacylic acid offer an exfoliation deep enough to promote cell turnover. Extraction can be performed as necessary for pores clogged with excess toxins and sebum production. High Frequency is performed to promote oxygenation, calm inflammation and works as another antimicrobial measure. The Clarifying Facial is a fitting choice of treatment for a wide variety of skin care needs.


Angela Goodwin

Angela comes from a family of caretakers, and so from a very young age she aspired to make a difference in people’s lives. After receiving her BA in English from State University of New York at Fredonia, she came to realize her true passion was in the field of aesthetics.  Angela then attended the Aesthetic Science Institute in Syracuse, New York.  After graduation she began a successful skin care practice in Central New York.  

As a Licensed Esthetician, her aspirations have come to life. Angela loves the impact skin care makes in her client's lives. She provides soothing relaxation, while improving her client’s health. She incorporates European technique and ingredients with health benefits to acquire amazing results!