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Marie LoParco

Artist Statement

Inspired by mythology, folk art, and a cross cultural mixture of sacred art, my work reflects the influences of Russian icons, Mexican shrines and altars, Italian renaissance painting, as well as, ancient Greek and Buddhist goddesses. Often using winged figures and birds to symbolize the connection between heaven and earth, as well as, people and nature, these pieces also symbolize the world of spirit as nurturing and protective.

As a mixed media painter, the materials themselves, (these include decorative papers, fabrics, paints, and acrylic mediums) encourage the creative process by inviting me to work using a playful layering process.



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The Maryn Gallery

Jill Dickey featured artist in 2016

Jill Dickey featured artist in 2016

Features local artists inspired by nature

As a child I was consumed with the poetry and brilliance of nature. Running wild through the wilderness of Central New York I would sketch my interpretations. My studies with artists like Robert Niedzwiecki, Doreen Quinn and Daniel Buckingham deepened my relationship between humanity and the natural world further. My artistic research lead me into a study of physiology and anatomy. And that study led me toward a passion for health care.

The meaning of Maryn is "of the sea". My first collection of oil paintings were of the sea. Maryn is also the latin form of Mary. Maryn Gallery is named in honor of my mother, Mary and also my grandmother Mary. Both of whom I would not be an artist, entrepreneur or women of the wild with out.

I look forward to your visit and hope that you enjoy the artists that we are privileged to have in our community!

-Rachel Mary McClean

Founder of Terra Organic Spa & The Maryn Gallery